Kumbh mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to bath in a holy river. Four fairs are widely recognised as Kumbh mela : the paryagraj kumbh fair , the Haridwar Kumbh fair , the nashik -trimbekeshwar simhastha and the Ujjain simhastha. The mela is held periodically at one of these places by rotation : Paryagraj, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain. The main mela site is located on the banks of a river.

Sangam of Ganga, yamuna and the invisible saraswati at paryagraj, the Ganges (Ganga) at Haridwar, the godavari at Nashik and the Shipra river at Ujjain. Hindus believe that bathing in these rivers will cleanse all the sins.


According to mediveal hinduism, lord Vishnu spilled drops of Amrita(the drink of immortality) while transferring in a pot (kumbha). These four places now are identified as present-day sites of kumbha mela. Kumbh mela is the largest peaceful gathering at four places in the world. The estimates of number of pilgrims bathing may vary on the auspicious day. In 2013 over 120 million people visited maha Kumbh mela in Paryagraj in the span of 2 months.


I visited the Paryagraj kumbha mela(2019) and was hosted by Kumbh photography festival. The vibes of the Kumbh mela were insane . It’s a paradise for photographers . I had amazing time clicking pictures of Naga sadhus at ardh Kumbh. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Kumbh mela.